RTV Slovenia

Slovenia's national broadcaster's video archive is probably one of the best among global national broadcasters
We have significantly tweaked the audio-video system to enable easier usage and a better user experience both for RTV Slovenia’s employees and the public audience. Significant improvements have been made to their publicly accessible audio-video archive. We have improved formats and the quality of both audio and video, substantially lowered the cost of the system and improved the user experience.


Telemach is one of the most successful internet service providers in the CEE region.
After several PPC campaigns in the past, they decided to contact Informa Studio in 2011. We started all their online advertising campaigns from scratch and made tremendous progress in a couple of months. As always we relyied on hard data to help them maximize their ROI.

Department Of State

For years now we have been providing support for their e-commerce and cataloging solutions.
Worldwide coverage, extreme conditions, different languages and cultures were among the challenges we were faced with while building web solutions that help connect the American culture and rest of the world.


MountVacation was named a "Top 10 Start-Up in Central and Eastern Europe", and is currently the largest online booking website for mountain holidays.
They decided to offer their customers a "dynamic packaging system" that offers their unparalleled personalization options for winter holidays. Although they offer a complex service they wanted to keep their website very simple. While typical online stores use a shopping cart and different types of recommendations, e-travel has different standards and conventions. After hours of usability testing, we achieved intuitive use. While testing it against their main competitors, the site performed extremely well, while outperforming the competition by a landslide.

Caithness Energy

Caithness Energy has been developing and managing environmentally friendly power plants (geothermal, wind, solar energy, natural gas) for over 25 years.
Caithness Energy has built numerous power plants for their investors, including the famous Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon. They approached us when they needed some help with their internal system for investors and we were more than glad to help.

DRS Inc.

DRS hired us to build a custom procurement solution for them.
Faced with hundreds of thousands of different items from different suppliers and equiped with lots of metadata we tackled the task and built a procurement solution with support for suppliers and affiliates for DRS Inc.


LMIT is a network of student organizations for one of Europe's largest universities.
The LMIT website was setup as a connecting point for youth events and news. It is aimed primarily at students studying in Ljubljana, but also serves participating NGO employees and volunteers.

M&D Mower & Appliance

M&D Mower and Appliance is the largest online store for lawnmower, small engine and appliance spare parts.
It's probably one of the biggest online stores you're bound to encounter. Millions of parts are available through their website.