Interchange 5

Our team boasts two Interchange core developers, who are not afraid to tackle even the most advanced challenges. We have been working as Interchange consultants for over a decade now and have helped many businesses improve their e-commerce installations.

Interchange 6

If your business is still running on Interchange 5, perhaps it's time to consider migrating to a new and more modern platform. We have developed techniques to seamlessly migrate Interchange5 customers to a new modern platform.

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Case studies

M&D Mowers and Appliances

M&D is a unique site in that it boasts millions of products. We have improved their Interchange 5 installation to make searching faster and more contemporary and also did some revamping of the frontend. We work daily with their in-house team on further improvements.

Chat d'Or

Chat d'Or is a French jewellery company, for which we have made significant improvements to the frontend of their site, developed a new theme, automated content creation and lowered maintenance cost.