We are Google certified partners. That means that Google trusts our ability to run AdWords campaigns. It also means we keep no secrets from our customers. Clicks, costs and ROI: everything is transparent.

Multilingual campaigns

Multilingual campaigns

We run campaigns all over Europe and North America. Our multilingual AdWords experts cover all major European markets and languages, as well as some smaller ones. If you are interested in our services don't hesitate to contact us.

Full transparency

Full transparency

We believe in full transparency. We always tell you how much you are paying for your clicks and how much you are paying for our services. You get monthly reports and access to all important data. Our business is to make your advertising effective. And we can only do that by playing fair.

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How we create PPC campaigns

Case Studies


When Telemach started using AdWords they called us for help. Even for a large ISP such as Telemach every customer counts. We immediately started working on maximizing their ROI to make the most out of their advertising budget. As with all our customers we follow one basic rule: advertising needs to make money for your business.


Marvelingua offers a unique service that enables clients to get human translations cheaper and faster then ever before. We have worked together on many other projects, so when they decided to enter the German market we were glad to help.

All our work is done according to Google's Advertiser guide. Disclosure notice